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Here in my blog you will find posts about scientific topics that I find interesting, articles about self-care and learning as well as short stories written based on prompts by the “deadlines for writers” challenge.

  • My journey to being a tutor and exam guide

    My journey to being a tutor and exam guide

    Whether you are still at school, at the start of your career or maybe just dissatisfied with where you currently are professionally, it helps to think of life as a journey that does not have to be clearly mapped out or make sense from the outset. What is important is what you learn from each […]

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  • 12 Short Stories – The Question

    12 Short Stories – The Question

    My first short story for 2023 and my 11th with deadlinesforwriters.com: Shouldn’t graduation be the first step into being able to choose your own future? Eto certainly thinks so but not everyone agrees.

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  • 21st of December – I get a little warm in my heart

    21st of December – I get a little warm in my heart

    What is your hope based on? This is the last post in my series about activities for the eight holidays throughout the wheel of the year. We are now at the winter solstice. Almost exactly two years ago, I wrote a blog post about the winter solstice on the 21st of December. There are a few traditional […]

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  • At the same time

    At the same time

    How can I contribute less to polarising the world? There are some things that I have “known” intellectually only  for a long time. Some of them I have read or heard about and thought: “That makes a lot of sense.” Yet a lot of these things only really take effect on my life when they […]

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  • 12 Short Stories – Strange

    12 Short Stories – Strange

    My 10th short story for 2022 based on a prompt from deadlinesforwriters.com: aul shares a park bench at the lake with an elderly genteman.

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  • 12 Short Stories – Not my

    12 Short Stories – Not my

    Part 9 of my “12 Short Stories” – Challenge Based on a prompt by Mia from deadlinesforwriters.com There is nothing like being good neighbours There was a parcel on the doorstep when Helen came home. She bent down to pick it up and figured that the postman had misread the address. Theirs was number 13 and this package was supposed to go […]

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